About me

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a detective. I guess I fulfilled my dream - I get to understand motives, collect pain points and solve UX mysteries.

Hi, I am Marija. I strongly believe in importance of creating a better digital world - the one where the products are being designed for users and their needs; where people enjoy interacting with them; a world that enables them to do their tasks in quick and easy way by replicating experiences from the real world as much as possible.

Currently, I works as a UX designer at Booking.com.

In my previous lives I used to create websites for myself and other people; after university I have found a proper job at Webcom – an American company that produced cloud applications for task management and quote proposals.

The company was later bought by CallidusCloud where we produced more business applications. I ended up staying there for seven years when I decided that was enough and needed a change. In the meantime I also worked on some interesting freelance projects.

I love abstract art, music and traveling. I drink a lot of tea, read a lot of books, and love trying new things. I get bored easily, but two things that kept my interest the longest are: cardio kick-boxing (six years and counting), UX design (twelve years and counting).

My life journey started in a small town in Serbia, later moved to Belgrade, and is now continuing its course in Amsterdam.

Thanks for visiting.


  • Product design
  • Design thinking & design sprint
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • User research & usabiltiy testing
  • Data analysis

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